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Digestive system

The digestive system breaks down food into nutrients, then it absorbs the nutrients and eliminates the waste

The digestive system includes the alimentary canal and various glands that produce digestive juices

The alimentary canal has got many parts:

The mouth: the teeth , tongue and salivary glands

The pharynx

The oesophagus

The stomach

The small intestine

The large intestine

The anus

Some glands are : the salivary glands , the liver and the pancreas

Now we will study the PROCESS OF DIGESTION  in group number 2 : FOOD INTAKE  : exercise 1 and 3 and USE OF FOODSTUFF: exercises 1,2,3

Watch the following video and do the exercises

Now you will do the activities int he folloiwng link

Now you will do exercises from your workbook from 4 to 9